A Revolution of One

Mary Ann Winiger
Perfect Bound
6 x 9 in
284 Pages

In the mid-nineties, Mary Ann Winiger began her experiment based purely on her Strategy as a Generator. She was shocked to discover that something so simple could end up turning her whole world upside-down. “A Revolution of One” is Mary Ann’s story of how she stopped going towards things and waited for life to come to her. It is filled with pain and fear, wonder and delight, shattering and rebirth all of which ultimately becomes a powerful life force energy, which expresses itself as Joy.

This book is for those of you who have been touched in some way by the Human Design System.

“Waiting was the most difficult thing I have ever attempted in my life. All my energy wanted to go out and make something happen. I had to be very rigid those first six months otherwise I would never have moved beyond the ingrained conditioned patterns of behavior that ran my life. I would never have discovered my true self.”