Foundation Courses

These courses are a comprehensive training in the fundamental aspects of the Human Design System.
They give context for advanced study.

Living Your Design

Introduction to the Human Design System, nine energy Centers, four Types and their Strategy, inner/personal Authority and your individual process of living your Design in everyday life.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading
Required Materials: Living Design Student Manual

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Rave ABCs

Covers conscious and unconscious activations (Personality & Design); Hexagram Structure: Lines values and frequencies, and Circuitry: three Circuit Groups and their keynotes.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading, Living Your Design.
Required Materials: Rave ABC Student Manual.

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Rave Cartography

This course is a journey through the Bodygraph, as it maps the flow of auric energy through Center, Types and the 36 channels that define them.

Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading, Living Your Design, Rave ABCs.
Required Materials: Rave Cartography Student Manual.

Note: These courses can be taken "for your own edification" or for credit towards professional training.

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