Professional Training Level 1, Trimester 3

Professional Training Level 1, Trimester 3

Darshana Mathews

Professional Analyst Training

Students are invited to join this semester if they have already taken PTL1, Semester 1 and 2. It is also possible to audit the class.

PTL1 is a twelve month program, consisting of three trimesters and totaling 33 classes. The PTL1 classes will include presentations by the teacher, reading demonstrations, practice of key skills in class, as well as workshops, study groups and study partnership activities, with ongoing written and recorded student homework. The curriculum covers: Gates and Lines, Presentation and Chart Reading Skills plus key information about Chart Synthesis and Keynoting Development.

Professional Training Level 1 (PTL1): is the first of four levels in the Professional Analyst Training program. It is the most extensive and demanding of these courses. The complete Professional Analyst training is designed to take place over a two and a half year period, after one year of introductory and general education (LYD, Rave ABCs & Rave Cartography). The four Professional Training Levels provide all the necessary training to become a highly competent Human Design Professional, skilled in the art and science of Human Design Analysis and Coaching.

Learning the Reading Art and Science

The PTL1 training is a combination of developing presentation skills, verbal clarity and fluid communication skills in reading situations. We focus on building a well-organized reading structure and the ability to present an understanding of personal transformation through the Human Design experiment in living.

Over the course of the 3 trimesters, students will be able to participate in lively and intelligent practice sessions to integrate information and assignments and to implement their learning to become ever more expert in their reading skills. These practice sessions are informed by presentation classes, workshops and study partnerships combined with a specific practical assignments. Practicing and demonstrating your competence is an integral part of this course. We learn to deliver a complete, well-organized, and finely articulate reading in 30 minutes. Class instruction provides all of the necessary elements to do an efficient and clear reading in the simplest and most direct ways. To develop presentation mastery, students combine exercises to create cohesive, powerful and well-structured readings.

We have developed a simple and direct reading protocol, that is designed to support the student's ability to do the reading in their own words and based upon their own authentic experience. We explore how to read charts, step-by-step, over the three trimesters of PTL1. In the first trimester, we learn how to present definition through accurate description of chart elements; in the second we cover openness with its potentials and acquired dilemmas, while providing solutions through the first three views. The third trimester is the closing sequence and integration of the steps we have made throughout the course.

The comprehensive and step-by-step training process in this course is designed to build confidence and competence in Human Design Reading Practice. Well-prepared analysts can have complete confidence in their work and build a solid professional network that provides a platform for service and healing, as well as earning a healthy living.

Students can participate in an online website where you can post your own work and share with your fellow students. This online resource opens up creative expression and sharing that we could only dream of a few years ago. Not only can you post homework writings and recordings there, but you can also expand on your work with music, photographs, videos, interviews, letters, essays, and personal communications. Human Design America provides numerous online classrooms for you to meet with fellow students, deepen your relationships all over the world and to assist you to form study partnerships and practice groups.

Consider joining us for this intensive and inspiring class with Darshana Mathews:

“This is a Professional Analyst Training where we learn how to present Human Design to others. This course is a tool for your personal transformation as well. You will be entering into a journey that will take you deeper and deeper into yourself through understanding your own design to honor the designs of others. We will connect with the energetic field of what a design truly means. Through the depth of this work, we will go behind the door of Human Design language, given so brilliantly by Ra, to enter the frequency of living to be empowered.

The gates that are activated within a Design Chart can be woven together to create… like a tapestry, or a musical composition to see our own essential being and the essence of others. We begin to identify the elements of this special uniqueness that is you, or the person that you are working with.”


Sept. 20th to Nov. 29th 2016

Class Time: 15:00 GMT

Prerequisites: LYD, ABC, RC and PTL1_T 1 & 2

Price: Earlybird Price $1050 for each of 3 trimesters.

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