Professional Analyst Training Level 2 - Cycles

Professional Analyst Training Level 2 - Cycles

Darshana Mathews

Return Chart Analyst Training

This 8 week Professional Training Course covers all the technical elements of Transit Analysis, Solar Rave Returns and the larger Planetary Cycle Charts. The training includes practice of specific readings, class presentations with guidance for professional skill development. In learning Transit Analysis, students discover how to investigate and understand their own biography to experience how Strategy and Authority engages functional orientation to living on a deeper level in specific situations. 

Students come to understand their personal relationship with the planets through their own history, getting to know each planet personally. This class shows students how to investigate their own biography and discover how turning points of their lives form initiation experiences. Through this investigation, we lay the foundation for an understanding of the ephemeris and transit field, and discover a deep comprehension of how Strategy and Authority engages fundamental orientation to living. We go beyond the theoretical to find our original creative encounter with reality. Such a study gives the appropriate background and personal development necessary to deliver transit and return work to others.

This class with Darshana Mathews teaches how to give meaningful on-going support to your clients and build a viable professional practice. Through the annual solar return chart, we will examine the challenges we have received to our own Strategy and Authority during crucial times of our lives.. We will explore how re-making decisions inwardly deeply effects our relationships, changes events in our lives and strengthens our Authority in the now. We go beyond the theoretical to find our original creative encounter with reality. Along with relationship readings, return charts establish a meaningful way to give ongoing support to your clients.  As they deepen their Living Design Experiment these Annual, Relationship and Large Cycle readings can be life transforming. You will guide people through the specifics of conditioning and destiny dealing with the people and circumstances that they will meet on their way to actualizing their vision. We will practice chart presentation and communication skills, as well as how to organize your practice so that you can offer your services effectively.

Finally, we will explore our destinies through the series of Planetary Return charts, how the internal variable and incarnation cross applies itself to the external roles a person must play in life to fulfill their life mission. The sequence of return charts forms a whole life message that is projected into the world through the external variable to be expresses as outer authority. 

PTL2: Transits, Return and Cycle Analysis Training

Eight (1.5 hour) classes of presentation, demonstration, discussion and Student Presentations plus workshops for Q&A and sharing.


This course is part of the Human Design Professional Training Program

May 3rd - June 21st

Class Time: 19:00 GMT

Prerequisites: PTL1

Price: $750