Professional Training Level 3: Incarnation Crosses

Professional Training Level 3: Incarnation Crosses

Darshana Mathews

Life Purpose & Life Path

The Power of the Sun supports you to appear in the world as yourself. Type, Strategy and Authority are the practical means through which you align with yourself and wake up to your specific Purpose for Being Alive. This information is all expressed by the Incarnation Cross, through its Hexagrams, Lines, Colors, Motivation and Soul Trajectory.

In this 8 week professional training, class members will learn to decode and understand Incarnation Crosses in profound ways. You will learn advanced forms of chart analysis, while delving into inspiring example charts, which reveal the whole process elegantly. You will see how your Design, and the Designs of others, drive a profound personal synthesis for self- empowerment. 

This exploration forms a spiritual practice on the deepest and most profound levels. The result is a breathtaking revelation, where you see your whole life, its purpose, and how purpose gets lived out, in vivid detail.

We will explore this journey through special keynoting exercises, deep practice and play, first on our own charts to emerge as ourselves and then to make animated and living reports, delivered through our unique expression. We will take advantage of exercises to express our insights in a way that is led by the vehicle rather than the mind.

In this class, you will have new experiences and insights in a safe, warm atmosphere with Darshana Matthews as your guide, to experiment and to learn together. You will emerge, having discovered resources inside, to find your role in the world on behalf of your clients and your professional practice.

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Class Time: TBA

Prerequisites: Human Design Reading, LYD, ABC, RC, Professional Training Level 1

Price: $750 Early-bird