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The Human Design System

Each of us is unique. We are meant to specialize and play specific rôles. Our capability for genuine action and self-expression comes from an inner truth and strength within each of us. There is potential for great power and magnificence in all of us.

Human Design is a language and system of classifications, visually representing human experience. Its many components represent different aspects of how we function. It names our feelings and offers insights into how different parts of us work.

Individual Designs depict people's unique configurations. We are happy and successful when our interactions and commitments are in alignment with our inherent nature and capabilities. The information in a chart can help us prioritize which internal voices and feelings to listen to.

Each configuration, or Design, has its own Strategy and Authority. Strategy and Authority describe the parts of us that help guide our decision making. The goal of the system is to help people understand themselves, find inner strength and clarity, and to live genuine lives.

Human Design differentiates people using the concepts of Definition and Openness. Definition represents an internal activation in the individual. It brings the potential for consistent development and expression of its qualities. Undefined aspects are receptive. They have the potential to be open and experience the Defined energy of others. When people interact, an exchange takes place. People take in and feel Defined aspects through their open ones.