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The Nine Centers

The Nine Centers are represented by nine geometric shapes, and are the primary building blocks of a chart. Centers can be Defined (colored in) or Undefined (white). Defined and Undefined Centers have different rĂ´les. The themes of the centers affect one another, and inform the way they function. The way Centers are Defined and connected to each other determines the Type and Authority of the Design.

There are several categories of Centers. First, there are Pressure Centers which represent the pressure that drives us both physically and mentally. The 2 Pressure Centers are the Head and the Root. Several Centers are classified as Motors; they embody our physical energy to work and be active. The 4 Motors are the Root, Sacral, Heart, and Solar Plexus. Next are Awareness Centers, which represent awareness of ourselves and others and our ability to take in and process information. The three Awareness Centers are the Spleen, Ajna and Solar Plexus.