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Projectors are naturally sensitive to and aware of the energy of others; they can recognize the natural gifts and capabilities of others. Projectors have unique insights into the way life works. Through their sensitivity and awareness, they can develop natural wisdom. When others recognize and value what Projectors have to offer, they can become powerful guides.

Projectors play a specialized role in relationships. Getting recognition is important; it creates a framework for them to play their role. Sometimes Projectors are recognized for who they are, but they can also be recognized for things they are not. Projectors have an undefined Sacral Center. The Sacral represents vitality and the power to work and be dedicated; it is the most powerful energy system. With an undefined Sacral, Projectors can get swept-up in the energy of others, which can drive them to be more hard-working and energetic. They are not built to work hard for sustained periods of time. When Projectors get swept-up in the energy of others and are working harder than everyone else, they can draw attention and receive recognition for it. This kind of recognition can further an unhealthy cycle. The energy they take in from others is temporary. When Projectors make lasting commitments that require this temporary energy, they can end up suffering from exhaustion and burnout as they attempt to maintain their commitments. It is nice to be recognized, but it is important to be recognized for true inherent gifts.

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