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Solange Arbesú-Sala

Type: Projector Profile: 5/1 Location: San Francisco, California Phone: (415) 689-3607 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.solangearbesu-sala.com Overview Reading: N/A Foundation Reading: $200 Classes Offered: Living Your Design

In 2003, while living in Penzance (UK), I was sitting quietly one evening when I heard a voice in a way that transpires when thoughts and ideas stream in, like in a dream. I heard the voice say that I ought to study DNA and genetics. I was then shown a picture of what I later learned was the Human Design mandala although I didn’t understand what it was at the time.

The very next day a friend of mine came to visit bringing with him an old copy of a magazine called Kindred Spirit. There on the front cover was the Human Design Bodygraph. I immediately recognized it as the image presented to me the night before. Soon thereafter I embarked upon an in depth course of study, spanning 11 years that continues on to this day. I have been given Human Design readings since 2004. 
There are so many paths and techniques to discovering the Self. It has been a lifelong pursuit of mine searching for all that will give insight to the mysteries of the psyche and what motivates human behavior. What I love about Human Design is how practical it is. You have a visual to work with – the Bodygraph illuminating the places of your deepest influence and confusion. You also can see areas of consistency, from where you draw strength and upon which you can rely. For example, when you think of passion, and you say, “I’m passionate about writing.” Where is that passion coming from? Is it from your head, your heart or your emotions? How exactly do you express it? And where in your body do you feel it?

When I received my first Human Design reading, I felt relieved because I sensed, on a fundamental level, that what I had just experienced was profound. It felt as if I had been gifted a map into my very own psyche. I understood that I had been given information how to better navigate life’s trials and recognize opportunities. As Marcus Aurelius said, “Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.”

The Human Design system enables you to engage with that source of strength. When I see that look, that spark of recognition in someone’s eyes when given a truth about themselves, I am reminded of what a pleasure and an honor it is to be able to share this body of knowledge.

Professional Certifications: Living Design Guide, Foundation Analyst