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Carol Freedman

Type: Manifesting Gen. Profile: 2/5 Location: San Rafael, California Phone: Please email Carol Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Website: www.HumanDesignandYou.com Overview Reading: NA Foundation Reading: $195 Classes Offered: Living Your Design, Living Your Design Certification Training, Rave ABCs, Life with an Undefined Solar Plexus; Line 2 Profiles (and other Profiles)

So you've heard about Human Design and some of the cool things it can tell you... Or you've had a reading, but want more (or figure there's lots more, but you can't quite GET it yet). This is powerful, potentially life altering information, and regardless of where you, I want you to have it in a simple, practical way.

Although I'm not THE Analyst for everyone, I may be for you if:

  • You're tired of feeling like you 'never fit,' no matter how hard you try... and you just want to be satisfied being yourself (if you only knew who that was)
  • You tend to second-guess your decisions, think over and over about stuff or worry a lot
  • You often get knocked off-balance by certain people or circumstances or behave in ways that are upsetting to you (and others). You often wonder 'what the hell's going on.'
  • You'd like to use your energy better, so you're less exhausted, less frustrated or angry and get better, more satisfying results. 'Making things happen' just isn't cutting it anymore. You know something has to change, cuz you're starting to see the impact on your health and relationships.
  • You're looking for the right work, people or places, but don't know how to find them. You'd like to find the thing (you know, that 'calling, job, situation') that uses you perfectly.
  • You're in business for yourself, but it's not producing the results you want and you have questions of how to market or manage your business more effectively.
  • You've used all kinds of systems, programs, etc. and none of them are producing the results you want.

Or you may have been learning or studying HD for a while and want to go deeper in a really meaningful way... and you want to talk with someone who can really see you, go where you want to go, knows HD intimately from both living and teaching it and can speak clearly and listen compassionately.

Either way, I'll start where you are and go where you want to go.

You may also want more support in these particular areas:

  • For Generators – making better use of your incredible response capacity, not only for decisionmaking, but also to really discover important things about yourself. Help using your energy better so you end up energized and satisfied, not frustrated and depleted.
  • For anyone in relationship with Generators – learning how to communicate and support them.
  • Discovering why you go down the same damn rabbit holes in relationships... and how to bring understanding and compassion to yourself and them so you can live with more ease and better results.
  • Living with melancholy or the impact of your open Centers.

I've been working with HD in my life and with others for 12 years and am certified in most of the major programs. I love coaching and teaching HD and have been an IHDS Faculty member for over 5 years. These days I enjoy doing deep dives with students into their open Centers (esp. Solar Plexus) and their Profiles (poorly understood and highly underutilized for the huge impact it has on your Design).

Feel free to contact me for readings, programs, courses, and coaching around deep diving and practial living of your Design. So, if this description calls to you, would you like to contact me? Explore and work with me?

Here's how to find me... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once we connect, we can exchange further contact information and explore if we're a fit. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Professional Certifications: Foundation Analyst, Living Design Guide