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Swaaha Wiskirken

Type: Manifestor Profile: 1/3 Location: Auburn, Olympia, Redmond, and Westport, Washington Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Classes Offered: Living Your Design Guide Classes/Workshop

After spending many years with spiritual organizations and various corporations, with a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Science and many other certifications, teaching Meditation, Counseling others, Yoga, Vedic Astrology and Ayurvedic Lifestyle, I met Human Design. I actually met Human Design several times between 1999 – 2006, rolling my eyes at the thought , I assumed it was just another self-help, quick fix system, I was sooooooo very wrong!!! Finally in 2006 I actually gave Human Design my attention. I am a 1/3 and investigation came naturally and I had to turn over this rock too!! I found a system that literally explained everything to a perfect 'T' of Me and my Life. I did not have to try to force myself into a circle or square to make this system fit for me, it just revealed me to me! Not the BS Shining Lights True Self that we here about in all the books, speakers, Gurus, and try to embody. But the True Self of Specifically Me, not anyone else or the cookie cut version , that we all have been conditioned to think we are or should be. Human Design System and learning my personal strategy and authority, awakened me to Myself in a way that I have always known was there but yet never was ever able to explain no matter the courses, classes, teachers, Gurus, I have met along my path.

We are all Perfectly Designed, there is absolutely nothing we ever had to change about ourselves. But with the conditioning that has been slathered over us as children and adults, we have to now go through an unfolding process to get back to who we really are.

As an 1/3 Emotional Triple Pplit Manifestor on the Right Angle Cross of Tension, Swaaha empowers and brings up and out the spirit of her clients and students to the next level of transformation. Swaaha is certified as a Human Design Living Your Design Guide, and Swaaha has special interest in working with all walks of life and a deep interest in working with parents and children learning and experimenting with their design.

But as Ra has said, ‘do not take my word for it, check it out for yourself and see what is revealed to you or not.’

Professional Certifications: Living Design Guide