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Sacral Session: Questions for Generators


Audio Download

40 Minutes

by Mary Ann Winiger

This recording is comprised of questions for Generators to respond to. It includes a practice session, example of Sacral session and a taste of various questions about health, career, relationship and more. It is important for a Generator to learn how to respond.  It is as important for everyone to know how to ask a Generator questions in such a way so that they can respond. This product is perfect for understanding the question and response mechanism of the Generator.

However, it is important for me to say that at the time of creating this recording – it was expected to serve both those Generators and Manifesting Generators with Sacral Authority and Emotional Authority. It was taught as a way for emotional beings as well. I understand this differently now after all the years of working with Generators. This product is best for those with Sacral Authority.  

There are too many questions for an Emotional Generator or Manifesting Generator. The type of questioning on this product helps bring clarity to someone with Sacral Authority, however it can bring more confusion and/or nervousness to someone with Emotional Authority. A Generator with Emotional Authority needs one good question – maybe two. Then they need time to digest and process in order to find clarity. Too many questions are a bit like throwing rocks into a calm lake causing one ripple after another.